Go For It. (:

Living life to the fullest is my every day quote. I'm the type to take advantage of opportunities that come my way. I've got a really good attitude on mostly everything that happens in my life. I've got so many stories that are sad, happy, pointless, scary, exciting and most of the stories are what make me who I am today. I'm a nonstop laugher and a smile will always be on my face, even in tough situations. A lot of crap gets flung my way but I will always have a positive attitude on it. It's something I love that happens in my life though because it makes life exciting.
My name is Ashley Marie Lange.

Today I was informed that my best friend in the entire world has an enlarged heart.
This is so heartbreaking for me.
There has never been anything wrong with her in the 16 years of her life.
I love her so much and I don’t know what I’m going to do without her.
She’s my whole life and it kills me that I can’t be with her through this.
I love you so much, Coco.
You’ll get through this, you have to.

You don’t think I meant to knock Buzz out the window, do you? Potato Head?
That’s Mr. Potato Head to you, you back-stabbin’ murderer!

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Now I can finally say, I got my buddy back. : )

Now I can finally say, I got my buddy back. : )